Not long ago a valued friend / colleague of mine sent me a link to a video which changed the way I look at things. Time and time again we are sent email chain forwards, mailing list etc etc as we constantly battle our way through an age of information overload. But thankfully, I knew that my astute friend would only forward something top quality.

In came my introduction to Simon Sinek…

As part of a TED talk, Simon discusses the topic of ‘Why?’ looking at how great leaders have profoundly changed many lives over the years. This ultimately reduces down to the question of ‘Why’ we do something, as opposed to ‘What’ we are doing.

Focusing on a strong and clear reason ‘Why’ we are doing something leads to a louder emotional connection with an audience, it resonates with them and makes them want to become a part of something; what every it is that the great leader has decided as their motivation.

In a business sense, if a company has a very clear reason why they do things, why they exist and why they matter, this will ultimately lead to a stronger emotional connection with their audience who will become inspired by your vision. Having an audience inspired by a vision is a much more powerful tool than simply stating facts about what is happening.

A very insightful presentation that I hope you find inspiring: