Over the weekend I read a blog about film director Ang Lee, famous huge international successes such as ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ and more recently ‘Life Of Pi’. I also spent a lot of time over the weekend doing business planing and writing a strategy document…

For anyone with an ambition, a passion or an entrepreneur goal, determination is a key element of success. Persevering can be tough, especially when people generally view you as ‘a dreamer’, while you continually try to push harder for some results to ensure that your time, effort and mental contributions to your project aren’t all in vain.

Back to Ang Lee… Ang Lee spent 6 years living in his apartment in New York writing and submitting continually getting turned down, with no signs of any breaks. 6 year is a very very long time to pursue anything without seeing any results! Finally after 6 years, one of his scripts got picked up and his momentum began from there. His career never took a step backwards from there.

As difficult as it may be, being determined and committed to what you’re trying to achieve, while standing the test of time, will only help your chances of success… as long as you hang in there! For some people breaks come easily, for others, breaks only come after years and years of hard work. As an example in music, Savage Garden, one of Australia’s highest selling bands of all time got turned down by every record label in Australia before they went overseas and got picked up. They went on to sell around 30 million albums throughout their career!

If you truly believe in what you do, what you have, where ever it is that you’re going… keep going, keep working, stay true to what you seek to achieve and most importantly… never give up!

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