I’ve very proud to be getting close to bringing MOVI workspace to life!

MOVI workspace is thoughtfully designed for wellness, by increasing physical activity and promoting movement while you work. MOVI workspace improves your everyday health and eliminates the health risks of sedentary behaviour.

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time working in professional roles where I’m often sitting down for 9 hours per day or more. This is extremely dangerous for our health, and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and earlier mortality by 50% (1, 2). Our bodies were designed for movement.

I recently moved on from Uber as I felt I wanted to make more of a difference peoples’ health and focus whole heartedly on this venture. I am creating an aesthetically designed and ergonomic sit-stand desk platform (a standing desk) from sustainable materials. This product will encourage physical activity at work, reduce sedentary behaviour and deliver a range of health benefits.

I have spent countless hours sitting at a desk using a computer and I believe that it is time for the modern working culture to change.

With a strong focus on health, I am very passionate about health and also honoured to be a part of the NIIM advisory board.

Look out for MOVI around Q2 2016!

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