Richard Branson recently posted an article which opened with the words;

“Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy”.


Richard Branson

Broadening this statement out, it’s easy for people with visions, passions and dream to say… “following your dream isn’t easy”. It can be a constant battle of criticism, struggle financially, and continually ongoing pursuit of trying to find the right like-minded individuals that you can team up with, better preparing you for your battle to take on the world!

One factor which continues to make the entrepreneur’s journey a tough one, is the element of support. My mentor said to me that “greatness flourishes when the right balance of challenge and support is stuck”, and I believe that this is so true.

Being overwhelmed by challenge and stacked odds can lead to a high probability of failure or disappointment. While alternatively, being granted all the support (through whichever means) may not lead to the best use of your time or your skills as the element of urgency is lost in comfort and distractions.

Finding the right balance between challenge and support is a crucial factor of being able to continue developing and archiving great things. 

You can read Richard Branson’s blog here: